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How To Measure Your Bra Size

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How To Measure Your Bra Size

A well-fitting bra is essential to feeling and looking your best. We’ve put together a guide on how to measure your bra size at home because it might be difficult to determine your bra size on your own. You can quickly choose the ideal bra for you by following these 3 easy steps!

Bra Size Guide – Follow These 3 Simple Steps!

we advise you starting with a soft measuring tape and a best-fitting non-padded bra.

Step 1 – Measure Your Band Size

  • Wearing the most comfortable non-padded bra you can, stand in front of a large mirror.
  • Under your bust, around the bottom band, wrap a gentle measuring tape.
  • Your body should be gently covered by the measuring tape, which should be parallel to the ground and neither too tight nor too loose.

Hint: Round your measurement to the next whole number. Ex. 30.5 ought to be increased to 31.

Measure your Cup Size:

  • Measure at the fullest area of your bust while wearing the same bra, keeping the tape at band level.
  • Take a deep breath in and then exhale to let the tape fall to its most cozy-yet-fitted position, so you can ensure that it is not excessively tight.

Hint: Round your measurement to the next whole number. Ex. 30.5 ought to be increased to 31.

Step 3 – Take the difference between your band and cup sizes:

Simply take the difference between the band and cup measurements once you have them. To calculate your cup size, take the difference between the numbers and compare it to the preceding chart. We’ll use a woman with a 33″ band size and a 36″ cup size as an example. 36-33 = 3. Our woman would fall into the 33 C range on the aforementioned chart.

You can find your band size, cup size, and select the ideal bra size by following these easy steps!

Bra Size Charts:

Please refer to the sizing charts below to order the appropriate bra size. To find out what size band you need, just compare your measurements to the chart below.

Comfortable Bra Tips – Follow These Additional Tips to Ensure the Best Fit:


Make sure the straps are laying nicely on your shoulders. You should probably size down if your straps dig into your shoulders. Your band is likely too small if your straps are frequently sliding off of your shoulders. Try a racerback bra or a type with adjustable straps if your shoulders droop. Keep in mind that the band, not the straps, should provide 90% of the support.

Cup Coverage:

The cups should smoothly and comfortably rest against your breasts. You need a smaller cup size if the cups are not completely filled or if there are wrinkles and gaps. You should size up if your cups are overflowing or pressing against your breasts.


Your underwire should encircle your breasts and rest flat against your skin. You might be wearing the incorrect cup size or style for your breasts if your underwire is piercing your arm or digging into your breast tissue. Remember that the placement and form of the breasts might impact how well underwire bras fit.


Your back should feel secure and at ease with your bra band in place. Try loosening it if it painfully digs in. If it is already on the final hook, you should probably increase the band size. Try tightening the band if it is riding up your back. Your current size is too big if the band still slips on easily. Bra bands frequently sag because of use. When new, your bra should securely fit on the last hook.

If you’re still unsure what bra size to go with, reach out to our wonderful Customer Team.

here 24/7 to deliver world-class customer service! So don’t hesitate to give us a call or live chat with us today. We’re always happy to help. And remember, if you end up ordering the wrong size, Gavit offers free exchanges!

hope this guide was helpful in measuring your bra size. Now that you know how to measure your bra size, it’s time to find the perfect style for you. Check out our wide selection of bras today!

Happy shopping! :)

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