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Shopping Information

We understand your concern, and we know how hard it is to pay extra fees for delivery services, that’s why we partnered with multiple shipping companies to try to bring your order as quickly and as cheap as possible. To get more information on the shipping fees per country, please refer to the Delivery Information page to have a better estimate on the time needed for delivery.
Don’t Forget we offer free shipping to all countries for a minimum amount order listed in the table in both Euros and Hungarian Forint.

Please refer to the Delivery Information page and locate your shipping address country to have a better estimate on the time needed for delivery.

Once your order is placed, our team will start working on the order preparation and secure the fastest route for your provided shipping address. Once the order is ready for dispatch, our team will update your order status and you can start tracking it. 

YES! We generate the invoices immediately after your order is completed. The invoices are generated electronically via our partner szamlazz.hu

One of our customer agents will contact you to arrange for a proper solution that meets your expectations. Rest assured with GAVIT you always be SATISFIED.

GAVIT’s mission is to offer its products globally, and hopefully we will soon be operating in your country. You can always leave us a comment or a feedback on our customer support form.

Payment Information

As soon as your order is placed, the money will be deducted from your balance and booked into our payment provider; OTP Simple Pay. Once the order is accepted from our side, the order will be processed. Don’t worry in case of any payment failure or accept validation is required, one of our customer support agents will contact you back.

Think of it as your own “favorite album of products” where you get to store all of your favorite items and view them at any time until you  have decided to order them.

Once an order is delivered, you have a grace period where you can report and return an item so we can assist you with a solution. Of course, one of our customer support agents will contact you back to arrange for the return of the item. You can ask for any enquiry on our assistance form.

Unless your order was shipped, you can always reach us back to arrange for the cancellation of your order. You can find more details in our terms and condition policies.

Cash back is a feature GAVIT offers it for our clients as a way of thanking you for your trust and offer you the chance to benefit from a discounted purchase in the future.
Currently, our Cash back policy offers you 1 Euro or its equivalent in your local currency for every 40 Euros purchase. You can find the credits and add it directly to your wallet balance. Please click HERE to access your wallet balance (make sure you are signed in).

Another feature we offer you is the Invite referral program, where every time you share our link found under the ” Wallet Referral” tab, under “My Account” Page, you will receive a 2 Euros cash back in your wallet balance for every referred user who signs up and makes a purchase from our webstore.



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